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  •  24th November 2021

     24th November 2021

    At A3 Waste Management we try our utmost to remove as much of your waste as possible, however there are certain materials and products that we can not accept in our skips, due to their dangerous and hazardous nature. We have created this handy guide which outlines the dangerous items that are not permitted in our skips.

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  •  22nd September 2021

     22nd September 2021

    Anyone and any business that produces waste must take responsibility for its safe and appropriate disposal. You must be certain that your waste is removed in accordance with the law and by a registered waste carrier. The waste carrier must hold a licence to collect and dispose of the waste - failing to do so is an offence and could result in a costly fine and potential prosecution for both you and the carrier.

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  •  16th August 2021

     16th August 2021

    The UK experienced a dramatic rise in fly tipping since the Covid-19 pandemic swarmed the UK in late March 2020. The temporary close down and restricted access to many recycling centres, collection points and waste disposal sites has meant that individuals and organised groups have ceased the opportunity to dispose of waste on the side of roads, on industrial and housing estates.

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  •  27th January 2021

     27th January 2021

    Hiring a skip can initially seem daunting, with plenty to take into consideration before hiring a skip to dispose of the waste from your latest project. We’ve put together this step by step guide to help you next time you need to hire a skip.

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