Dangerous Items That Are Not Allowed in a Skip

At A3 Waste Management we try our utmost to remove as much of your waste as possible, however there are certain materials and products that we can not accept in our skips, due to their dangerous and hazardous nature. We have created this handy guide which outlines the dangerous items that are not permitted when you hire a skip from us.

What are classed as dangerous and hazardous items?

Hazardous waste is defined under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and covers all waste that contains properties or substances that are harmful to humans, animals and the environment. Anything that is listed under this act cannot be placed in a general waste skip. 


This includes items such as gas cylinders (even if they are empty), treated wood, coal, tar, asbestos and metals containing asbestos. Aerosols, solvents and oil based paints and their packaging. All of these items are hazardous and harmful to both humans and the environment and they should be disposed of in the correct manner. The UK government has implemented strict laws about the disposal of asbestos and made it illegal for anyone to dispose of it, this must be completed by a specialist.

Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment

This category is known by the acronym WEEE and includes items such as batteries, bulbs and electrical equipment including freezers, televisions, and fridges among other household items. WEEE items should be disposed of correctly at a local recycling facility or contact our team directly for more information.

Medical Waste

Understandable, medical waste cannot be disposed of in our skips. Disposing of medical waste in a skip can cause serious infections and contamination to humans, animals and the environment. In turn, any biological, medicine or hospital waste should be handled with care, consideration and should be in line with the department of health guidelines.

Domestic and Commercial Construction / Demolition Waste

This is a slightly difficult category to manage as some construction materials are accepted in a general waste skip such as bricks, soil and stones etc. however if the bricks or soil are contaminated with hazardous materials then they are no longer accepted. Items such as; unused concrete and unset concrete, treated wood, contaminated plastic and plasterboards are not acceptable and must be disposed of at a licensed and specialised recycling facility.

The disposal of glass is one of the most common asked questions. However as it’s both harmful and hazardous it is not accepted in a general waste skip. If glass is broken, additional precautionary measures must be taken prior to disposal at a recycling centre or local glass recycling bin.


A professional and affordable skip hire service in Surrey from A3 Waste Management.

Now you have all the information about what materials are considered hazardous, please get in contact with us to hire an affordable and professional skip hire company. A3 Waste Management provides a simple Skip Hire and Muck Away service for domestic and commercial clients. Our fleet of low-emission lorries means that when you choose to hire A3 Waste, not only are you getting a service at a great price with outstanding service, but you're also doing your bit to help the planet! 

If you would like additional information regarding our skip hire service, or if you have any questions that you would like to ask our team, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and dedicated team.

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